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¿What are the common weather hazards to produce wine?

The weather is, with the variety of grape, the meteorology, the kind of soil, vine-growing and the vinification, one of the most important factors that induce in the obtaining of the wine.
There are a great variety of climates, from the cold and wet weather of England and Germany, where it is complicated to get that the grapes reach to a satisfactory maturity, until the arid countries of the north of Africa, like Morocco, and Algeria, where there are a very high temperatures and an insufficient rainfall produce overripe grapes and low acidity ones.
The main weather hazards to produce wine, besides the timelessness (that rain and/or untimely frost) are generally the frost, the hail or the wind.
Frosts during the spring can destroy the roots that are in state of growth and as well as this, they are very dangerous during the time of “budding”.
Meanwhile, hail can break and damage the shoot, and also, during the last part of the summer, making growing grapes explode causing them to rot.
Wind is a disaster if it is occurs during the flowering process because it is prevents the pollination. It can also break the roots.

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