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What characteristics change in wine, according to the Atlantic influence of high Rioja wine versus low Rioja Mediterranean climate?

As stated, he weatherespecially, and soil composition have determined the division of the Rioja in three divisions:

High Rioja: With a moderate continental climate, influenced by the Cantábrico See, the vineyard extends over clayey soft limestone topography.
In the high Rioja, Tempranillo grape gives wines of soft color to be a cooler and wet area.
Tempranillo grape gives balanced red wines, with attractive ruby color, elegant aroma, stable, especially suitable for crianza.

Low Rioja: The climate and the fertile nature of the terrain provide good harvests with perfectly ripe grapes. The drier climate, caused by the Mediterranean influence, and ferrous clay benefits the Garnacha red wines, francs, aromatic and slightly acidic wines.

Rioja Alavesa: these lands are hilly, calcareous, very suitable for the cultivation of the vine, the summers are short and winters mild with some frost but little snow. The vineyard is south facing, sheltered by the Sierra de Cantabria.

In the Rioja Alavesa, the color is more intense and the acidity is lower than in Rioja Alta.
This region produces red wines with Tempranillo that both young and crianzas achieve high quality standards.


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