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Mayoral Crianza

Jumilla, Murcia
Tipo de vino: Red Wine
Grape type: Monastrell, Tempranillo

Tasting Notes

Mayoral Crianza is a red color with crianza naunces. It has a complex aroma with spicy and coffee naunces with fruity and aging aromas. In the mouth is powerful and balanced, tannic and soft. It is an example of the change of the Jumilla wine concept.

Fermenting process

This wine is made with Syrah, Monastrell and Cabertnet Sauvignon grapes previously selected.

The fermentation has been made in stainless steel tanks, under strict temperature control. The grape juice and the skins maceration take place until the end of the alcoholic fermentation in order to obtain the maximum extraction of polyphenol. During this time, the grape juice is pumped over periodically to facilitate the extraction.

The newly fermented wine is racked and rest until complete the malolactic fermentation. After the elaboration this wine spent six months in stainless steel tanks and after that it went to American oak barrels during 6 months.

Service Recommendation

We recommend opening this bottle of Mayoral Crianza half hour before consumption to oxygenate it, or decant the wine and tasting it between 16 and 18º C.


Mayoral Crianza is excellent to be served with white meats, red meats and roasts.

Vino DO Jumilla Mayoral Crianza de García Carrión de García Carrión

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