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Mayor de Castilla Verdejo

Serrada (Valladolid), Valladolid
Tipo de vino: White Wine
Grape type: Verdejo
Awards: Zarcillo Awards 2013, Silver Zarcillo

Tasting notes

This Mayor de Castilla Verdejo is a wine with green tones, with multiple nuances, bright, alive and silky.

As well as this, the extent of their sensory character brings a touch of distinction and a bold and a cheerful personality.

Fermenting process

Grapes of the variety Verdejo are selected in its arrival in the winery. It removed carefully the leaves and the bad bunches.

The grape juice is obtained with the help of a soft pressure that promotes the extraction of the aromatic components present in the solid part of the fruit. The fermentation, under the strict control of temperature, stars after clarify and clean the juice.

Servicing recommendations

We recommend to have the Mayor de Castilla Verdejo with Rueda D.O. cold (between 4 - 6º C).


This Mayor de Castilla Verdejo suits with lightly dishes (rice, fish and seafood).

Mayor de Castilla Verdejo is also available for gifts, events and celebrations in small format of 375 ml in boxes of 12 bottles.

Vino de Rueda Mayor de Castilla Verdejo de García Carrión

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