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The winery, Bodegas 1890 of J. García Carrión (D.O. Jumilla)


The winery, Bodegas 1890 of J. García Carrión (D.O. Jumilla)

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Bodegas 1890 owe its name to the year of Garcia Carrión foundation. Their wines are the work of six generations that, through the years, have been transmitting the cultural appropriate practices and, at the same time, adapting the in best grape varieties to the lands of Jumilla, a privileged area for its contrast of mountains and valleys.

The main variety is the Monastrell, noble variety, well adapted to low rainfall, of exceptional quality, concentrated in tannins and polyphenols. With this traditional variety, Garcia Carrión has cultivated other varieties with high prestige, such as Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.

The careful preparation in the winery keeps intact the natural quality of the wine and increases it in fermentation processes. The aging takes place in American and French oak barrels.

Reserva wines will remain at least three years in the aging areas, in oak barrels and bottle.

These facilities meet all international standards of quality assurance: ISO, BRC and IFS.

The Brands Castillo San Simón and Mayoral reflect all the goodness gained at each stage of their development and are true representatives of the rigorous quality criteria. Bodegas1890 wines have been awarded in the last years with numerous national and international awards.

Brandy of Bodegas 1890 is made in separate and exclusive facilities and it is the result of careful distillation cold (30°) of the best wines. Fortifying “holandas” aging obtained were carried out in an underground area with a capacity of 1,200 boots a 600 liters each one of American oak using traditional system of aging “criaderas” and “soleras”.

This exclusive Brandy winery has a large social area designed by prestigious architect Mariano Ruipérez to receive clients whose want to visit Jumilla.

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