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What is the Apellation of Origen of a Valdepeñas Wine?

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The Guarantee of Origen Valdepeñas (D.O Valdepeñas) is delimited by the regions of Campo de Montiel (Albacete), by the east, and Campo de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) by the west.

This D.O has an area of vineyard of nearly 30,000 hectares, with an average annual production of 110 millions of kilograms and included the followed regions: Valdepeñas, Alcubillas, Moral de Calatrava, San Carlos del Valle, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Torrenueva and part of the regions of Torre de Juan Abad, Granátula de Calatrava, Alhambra and Montiel.

Lands and climatology
Valdepeñas is one of the most important centers of population connected in largely to the monoculture of the vine, and if that is like that, is because the feature set and the properties that they do that we are facing an unique space and that justifies the reason of being this Guarantee of Origen.

The geologic origin of the area, the abundance of limestone, gypsum and sand and the yellowish red clay land, makes it especially favorable to cultivate quality vineyards.


These terrains are located at 705 medium meters high and its climate is other of the big factors that make possible the miracle, with a continental and dry climate with more than an 80% of clear days and more than 2,500 sunny hours every year.

The maximum temperature rose above 40 ºC and the minimum below -10 ºC and inclusive below that, with a medium annual of 16 ºC.

The precipitations are limited, between 200 and 400 liters per year and the number of rain days is between 60 and 70 days, occurring more intense rainfalls in spring that it used to be short and with stormy character. All of these characteristics establish an eligibility period that is ideal for local wines.

Valdepeñas Guarantee of Origen was recognized on September the 8th, 1932 and later regulations dated from 1.968, 1.976 and 1.994, that is, we are in front of a Guarantee of Origen experienced and the second best known by the Spanish.

Valdepeñas hosted the first “Estación Ecológica y Campo de Experimentación” and also the “Federación Regional de Viticultores, managed by the marquees of Treviño house. In 1.982 was created the “Círculo Mercantíl Vitivinícola”, and in 1.930 fixed his seat in Valdepeñas the “Junta Regional Vitivinícola”.

The authorized varieties of the Guarantee of Origen of Valdepeñas are:

White grapes: Airén, Macabeo, Chardonnay, Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc and Moscatel of fine grape.
Red grapes: the Cencibel or Tempranillo, Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sirah and Petit Verdot, being the main important the Cencibel, that takes more than the 80% up of the area of red grapes.

The specific rules of the Valdepeñas D.O are:

• ORDEN ARM/500/20029, January the 28th, by publishing the Orden on February the 1st 2008, of the “Consejería de Agricultura” and the Orden on September the 9th, 2008, of the “Consejería de Agricultura y Desarrollo Ruaral de la Junta de la Comunidad de Castilla-La Mancha, by amending the Orden of February the 1st 2006, it was laying down the production rules and regulated other characteristic or conditions of the wines of the Valdepeñas D.O.

• ORDEN March the 14th 1995, by ratifying the Guarantee of Origen rules of Valdepeñas and of its Regulatory Board.

Sources: Own elaboration and Regulatory Board on D.O Valdepeñas.

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