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The big commitment of Garcia Carrión in wines

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The bet of Garcia Carrión for the Spanish wines was born in 1890, when his family dedicates to the growing vines during centuries, built a big winery in Jumilla to export their wines to France.

Today, 6 generation ago, Garcia Carrión, is represented in 10 Guarantee of origins with Wineries and own Vineyards, being the 1st winery in Europe and the 5th in the world, managed by the great-grandson of its founders, nowadays.

This familiar dream became true thanks to:

• Global knowledge of the wine market.
• The privilege of having in Spain unique vineyards in Europe.
• The Company creativity, agility, flexibility and innovation.
• The comprehensive collaboration of the client that entails the continuous improvement in the quality, costs and services.
• Large investments in our wineries with the deployment of new technologies, many of them pioneers in the wine world, allowing us to offer to the marker a quality relation/ unbeatable price.

Nowadays, Garcia Carrión exports the 50% per cent of its sales to more than 130 countries, aspect that we try to develop and reinforce bringing the volume of the exportation up to 75% per cent of our wine sales in the next years.

In the Spanish market Garcia Carrión, nowadays, is leader in the D.O.Ca Rioja with our brand Antaño, in D.O Ribera Del Duero with Mayor de Castilla, in D.O Valdepeñas with Señorío de los Llanos, in D.O La Mancha with Don Luciano, In D.O Jumilla with Castillo San Simón and in D.O Catalunya with Viña del Mar.

The Group has between the whole guarantee of origins up to the 20% of the market share.

It is to emphasize the Dig of Jaume Serra, both in Spain and United Estates, where its sales has increased up to the 50% per cent during the last consecutive years, having made recently an expansion of 60 millions of cava bottles.

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