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Winery Viña Arnaiz of J García Carrión  (D.O Ribera Del Duero).


Winery Viña Arnaiz of J García Carrión  (D.O Ribera Del Duero).

Bodega Viña Arnáiz de J García Carrión

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The Winery and the vineyards are located in the town of Haza, in a strategic location, where Juana de Haza, noble of Castilla, began in the XII century to cultivate vineyards at the foot of the fortress. Those vineyards were extending and growing its fame up in every territories because of its quality.

Our winery is located in what was this fortress, with an extension of 80 hectares within “La Magdalena” hosts plots of vines grow on gentle slopes where the traditional Tinta del País, along with new varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. From this lands were born our best wines of the Guarantee of Origen of Ribera del Duero: Viña Arnáiz y Mayor de Castilla.

In our farm are kept in a central tower and the underground cellars dating from the XVII century with its pressrooms that today are intact and is also rest there the stocks of Viña Arnáiz, regaining its historical tradition as well as the quality of their wines to the aging of wine. Nowadays it conserved the stone of the pressure, from the XIV century inside of the ruins of the old winery.

The winery has an area of 12,000 m2, with a capacity of elaboration and bottled of 18 million per year, and a capacity of 10,000 barrels of American, Allier, Never and Limousine oak where each harvest keep a rest in calm. The bottle cellar it was designed to keep 1 million of bottles, that they will increase them depend on the hectares of vineyards cultivated.

Viña Arnáiz is designed by the renowned architect D. Manuel de la Torre, famous because of the reconstruction and the restoration of abandoned towns and old buildings. This architect was the charge of the construction of t he social building of the winery where old the materials are centenarian: granite stones, wooden beams, etc… composing in this way a Castilian environment.

The elaboration, aging and bottled winery has the last technology, but maintaining the traditional methods, to guarantee the quality of our wines. These installations obey all the international standards of quality assurance: ISO and BRC.

The wines of t he winery Viña Arnáiz have been awarded in the last years with numerous national and international awards. The winery has been two years consecutive awarded as the best Winery in Spain by the prestigious International Vinitaly Competition.

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