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A guarantee of Origen (D.O) is a kind of geographic indication applied to the origin of an agricultural or foodstuff product whose quality or characteristic are fundamental and exclusively to the geographical environment in which it occurs, and in the way in which it is transforms and elaborates.

Through the D.O is followed to distinguish and protect in a legal way some products that are produced in a determinate area, against the similar products of other areas that want to take advantages of the good name that are created the originals, in a large time of elaboration and cultivation.

The producers that are in the Guarantee of Origen, promise to obey the regulations of it, that included the ingredients to use, the way of produce, the treatments, products yields by measuring surface…

As the head of the guarantee of Origen used to be a control Board, that authorized to their producersmembers their rules and exhibit the emblem of it.

Consume advantages
The fundamental advantage to the consumer of a Guarantee of Origen labeled product is that it ensures the level of quality more or less constant and a specific characteristic.

In exchange, producers receive legal protection against the production or the elaboration of those products in other areas, although it used the same ingredients and procedures, that it permits the influence on the final prize of them.
It is also noted that this figure encourages the organization of the productive sector and it facilitates the access of producers to domestic and international markets.

The guarantee of Origen in Spain
Our Country now has more than fifty Guarantee of Origen with many others wine regions each with unique features.

Wines with Guarantee of Origen form along with quality Wines with geographical indication, Wines with Appellation of Origen qualified (D.O.Ca) and the Wines of Pagos of quality produced in determinate regions, that is, what is technically known by the acronym vcprd.

*Regulation (CEE) nº 822/87 of the Board of 16th March 1987 that establishes the common organization of the wine market.
Source: Own elaboration and Wikipedia

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