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D.O Rueda

The Guarantee of Origen of Rueda was incorporated the 12th January of 1980 by order of the Ministry of Agriculture, being the 1st Guarantee of Origen unknown in the Community of Castilla y León, after several years working for the recognition and protection of native variety: Verdejo Grape.

The Guarantee of Origen Rueda has very favorable natural resources to produce high quality wines, being a specializing area in the elaboration of white wines, with wide international recognition.

The produce area of the D.O Rueda is situated in the community of Castilla y León and there are 72 municipalities, of which 53 are located in the south of the province of Valladolid, 17 in the west of Segovia and two in the north of Ávila.

The different varieties of cultivated grapes are shared in an irregular way in the different municipalities of the D.O Rueda. However, the vineyard gets its higher concentration and intensity in the areas of La Seca, Rueda and Serrada (all of them from Valladolid).

The D,O Rueda is one of the few European wine areas  specialized in the elaboration of white wine and in the protection and the development of its native variety, the Verdejo grape.

The strong personality of the Verdejo, the support of other varieties, as well as a vineyard that has learnt to survive the harshness of their environment, almost hostile, to give to the wine the best of itself, shape the profile of Rueda wines.

Garcia Carrión wines has a winery in Rueda and commercialized under the D.O Rueda, their brands Mayor de Castilla and Solar de la Vega.

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