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Cencibel grape, also known as a Tempranillo is a grape variety with an early ripening, that produces a medium size bunch, compact and regular, whose grapes have the medium-thick skin and a soft pulp. Its juice is colorless. Cencibel is the mainly grape of the guarantee of origen La Mancha, being the one with more prestigious because of its quality in the national field in spite of its moderate production.  With this variety of grape is obtained wines with ruby cherry red color, with aromas of red fruits and licorice with mouth structure and good evolution in the Crianzas.  In other regions of Spain, the Cencibel is known with the name of Ull de Llebre (Hare´s eye), Tinto de Toro, Tinto Fino, Tinto Del País, Jacifera y Verdiell.

García Carrión and the Cencibel

Wines of García Carrión produced with the variety Cencibel are Don Lucianos ( cosecha, Crianza and reserva).

Source: Own elaboration and Control board D.O La Mancha.

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