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Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon is a variety of red grape native from France (Bordeaux) and the most demanded in the international wine-growing of red wines because of its exceptional adaptation to the mild and warm areas in all over the world (it is said that is the colonizing grape by excellence), and in particular of Spain (followed by the Merlot). It is a vigorous variety that is characterized by its thick skin with dense and powerful tannins, its color is deep and intense, its aromas are fruity and it is ideal to age in barrel. Its sprouting is late and its vegetation is enough erect. Its skin is thick. As a variety is not offer high yields and the dense tannins and the live acidity provides acid wines in its youth with a big potential of ageing (its wines earns in category if it get older in oak. Grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon are small, spherical, dense and strong skin, with a deep black pigment. Its pulp is firm, crunchy, with astringent flavor and, a peculiar taste that reminds to blackcurrants. With the Cabernet Sauvignon is obtained a wine with an intense red color with aroma of plumb, with purplish nuances, of the body is, alcoholic, aromatic, and it has a delicate and characteristic herbaceous flavor (it is unknown flavor the redcurrant, black cherry and plumb) and it is offered different marriages in Coupage with other red varieties and improve notably its organoleptic characteristics. This grape is considered the queen of the red grapes and one of the most unknown noble grapes. García Carrión wines and the Cabernet Sauvignon García Carrión wine produces with the variety Cabernet Sauvignon the Viña Arnáiz of D.O Ribera Del Duero wines (accompanying with the Tinta Del País) , the red wines of D.O Penedés of Jaume Serra, Opera Prima and Don Luciano Cabernet Sauvignon (D.O La Mancha) Mayoral Cabernet Sauvignon (D.O Jumilla), and Pata Negra Cabernet Sauvignon (D.O Valdepeñas). Source: Own elaboration and Wikipedia. (

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