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Antaño Cosecha

Labastida, Álava
Tipo de vino: Red Wine
Grape type: Garnacha, Graciano, Tempranillo
Awards: International Wine and Spirits Competition 2010, Bronze Medal

Tasting notes

Antaño Cosecha is a young, fresh, fruit, red wine typical of Rioja. It has a Ruby color, with purple tones, limpid and bright. In the nose, it is appear with a very good aromatically intensity, with fruity notes that remind it to the predominant variety. In the mouth is a well-balanced, fleshy and velvety, followed by a long persistence.

Fermenting process

Antaño Cosecha is elaborated in our winery of Labastida with a careful blend of different subareas of La Rioja. For this, it has been selected the first harvest fruits after an unsurpassable summer for the vegetative growth of the vineyard, before the arriving of the first rains.

The fermentation has been made in stainless steel tanks at 28º C of control temperature, macerating with the seeds and the skins of the grape during 8 days. Then It was moved to concrete tanks, where it completed the microbiological process and it rested during the winter.

Service recommendations

We recommend serving this Antaño Young Wine between 12 - 14º C.


Antaño Cosecha is a Rioja wine that fits perfectly with pasta, legumes, sausages, ham and grilled meats.

Antaño Cosecha is also available for gifts, events and celebrations in small size bottles of 375ml.

Vino D.O. Ca. Rioja Antaño Cosecha Tinto de García Carrión

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