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(Brik 1 Litro)

From the east comes the recommendation of the soya consumption as a perfect replacement of the milk. An easy drink to consume that it is going to help you to take care of yourself, thanks to theirs antioxidant qualities, because it does not content cholesterol and besides it is a good source of proteins. Soya Drink Don Simon has a flavor that is surprised you if you compare it with the rest of the soya drinks in the market.


Soya seeds , sugar, water,  mineral salts of calcium and phosphorus, aroma and A and D vitamins.

Consumption and conservation tips

Store it in fresh places. Protect from the straight sun light. Shake before serving it. Once the pack is opened, conserve it in the fridge.

Where is it sold?

Find Soya drink Don Simon on the room temperature product shelves in your shop of everyday shopping.

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